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Wearing of protective masks on the premises of the State Archives in Rijeka is mandatory

July 22, 2020

Due to the Decision on the obligatory use of protective face masks during the COVID-19 epidemic, the users of the reading room have to wear them on the premises of the State Archives in Rijeka.

Recommendations for users in the State Archives in Rijeka

1. The reading room will be open to users from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 13.00 (there will be no break in August).

2. A maximum of 4 users are allowed to stay in the reading room at the same time at the marked places.

3. Users must pre-announce their arrival by e-mail to: pisarnica @ riarhiv.hr (without the spacing) or by phone at +385 51 336 445. In addition to the time of arrival, it is necessary to announce the planned time of departure from the Archive.

4. Users are warned to wash and disinfect their hands upon arrival and before leaving the Archives. Personal items should be stored in the designated area and only personal stationery and/or laptop should be used in the reading room.

5. Users are recommended to research in advance as much as possible about the archival material they need through our website and the Croatian Archival Information System.

6. The use of information aids of archival funds and collections is possible by ordering them from the staff in the reading room.

7. Users are advised to use protective masks (mandatory since July 22, 2020) and disposable gloves during their stay in the reading room.

8. During their stay in the Archive, users should follow the instructions of the staff in the reading room.

9. The Administrative office shall continue to receive requests from parties for certified and uncertified copies of archival material exclusively by electronic or land mail and telephone.

10. Unless otherwise possible, the parties who have submitted a request through the Administrative office shall be provided with access to the material. Insight can be done only in the reading room of the Archive. The employee who handles the request will inform the party about the exact date in which the insight is possible. In doing so, the party must comply with all prescribed measures for the operation of the reading room.

11. Users are requested not to come to the Archives in any way if they show any signs of COVID-19 disease.

Markus Leideck, prof.
Director of the State Archives in Rijeka